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What To Do in the Event of a Panic Attack
Ask me if I'm okay.
Chances are,
if it's not that bad,
I'll say I'm fine.
Ask me if I'm sure, if I'm really okay,
until I spill.
It will take some time
and I will be reluctant
but eventually my wall will break.
No matter how mad or irritated
I get, keep pushing until I say
I'm not okay.
Then I will tell you everything.
Pay attention.
I will probably stop breathing at times;
remind me to breathe.
I will probably hyperventilate;
remind me to breathe slowly.
I will probably start pacing;
let me.
I will probably bite my fingernails;
make me aware I am doing so, so I can stop.
I will probably start crying;
hold me.
Hold me and let me cry,
let me try to keep talking,
let me apologize over and over once I am done.
I will not say it,
but I will appreciate what you are doing.
I will not be able to thank you,
but if you pay attention,
and if you are gentle with me,
I will appreciate you just being there,
and I will be beyond appreciation if you are helping me.
Comfort me.
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 1
Tears, all of a sudden
    a battle that's too hard to win and
        and is always lost within just seconds
Breathing, fast and irregular
    tell yourself to breathe but it's
        it's too hard to just breathe slow
Headache, from trying too hard
    to stop it all from happening but you
        you know you'll succumb to it like always
Stomachache, from worrying
    it's not a phrase to worry yourself
        yourself sick because it's all too common
Pacing, back and forth and back
    keep moving, it's easier, and just
        just play the music and try to fight it
'Don't worry', they always say
    if only they knew that was like being shot
        shot and told 'stop bleeding and be healed'
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 1 0
Skinny love is when
two people need another person,
someone to trust,
and they find each other
and think it's love.
Someone will grow out of needing
but the other
likely will not,
and still need it.
Crave it.
Hunger for it.
Hence, skinny love,
is something in disguise.
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
It is most definitely not
when two people love each other,
but are too shy to say it,
but show it.
Or however they all phrase it.
Skinny love is not that, not at all.
I've had my experience with skinny love.
That ended horribly.
It ruined my life,
not because I was the one who still needed someone,
that was him,
but because everyone made a big deal about it.
And now,
I feel guilt.
Not because he hurt me,
although I deserved it,
not because I hurt him,
although he deserved it,
but because I should have realized
it was skinny love.
I guess I just didn't know.
I think the song 'Skinny Love'
by Birdy,
the amazing song,
brought me to my realizations.
And I swore,
I swore,
I wouldn't
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
It's all my fault by Glo-stikz It's all my fault :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 4 1 Techie at heart by Glo-stikz Techie at heart :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0 In California . . . by Glo-stikz In California . . . :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0 Just because I'm smiling . . . by Glo-stikz Just because I'm smiling . . . :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 1 0 Charlotte by Glo-stikz Charlotte :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 1 0 Sadie by Glo-stikz Sadie :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0 Hello! by Glo-stikz Hello! :iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
You're joking
I thought
I thought you hated him
with a burning passion
I thought
he could be mine
and you'd just have to deal with it
I can't help but fall
It feels like
like you betrayed me
when I know
I know you didn't
And you talk about
someone else
I feel like I'm safe
I can actually pull through with this
I can actually be happy

how will I face you?
how did I not
not know?
I look back
and I realize
it was so obvious
but I was blind
blinded by myself
protecting myself.
You have to be kidding
kidding me
talking about someone else
not him
he's mine
you know that
How do I face either of you
that I know
Maybe he still thinks . . . 
maybe he's joking too
I need it
not the skinny
skinny 'love' I last had
I need something to hold to
something besides my
music and my worn shoes
how will I be able to use them again
it won't be the same
I can't let it go
I try
I'm a go
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
You're going to hate me.
Because you know what?
I'd say yes.
I would date him.
I would let them all set me up with him.
Because he can make me smile.
He can make me laugh.
He can start putting my broken pieces back together.
Maybe not correctly,
but you know what?
that's okay by me.
Because I don't want to be the same.
If I'm the same,
then I'll hurt him.
And again.
And again.
And that only hurts me more.
So hate me all you want.
Because if he's ever not a wimp,
or whatever your choice of words may be,
I'd still say yes.
And I'd love to go back in time,
and so no to the first one I said yes to.
That, was the worst mistake of my life.
But saying Yes?
That will be the best choice
I've ever made.
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
I can understand why. I really can.
I can understand now why people try to commit suicide.
I can understand why people think it's the only route out.
Because it is.
Because if everything is closing in around you
If everything is falling down on top of you
Where else can you go?
And when you're in that mind frame
When you're thinking like that
You feel like no one would care if you died.
You feel like maybe a couple would morn for a while.
You feel like maybe a bunch would wonder why you did it.
But you feel like everyone would go on with their lives
Sooner or later.
Maybe with a small hole there
But so small
No one would really notice.
So insignificant
It would heal because it had no other purpose.
Heal like your ears when you don't where earrings for long enough.
Because if you're not there in that hole for long enough
It will heal.
Because if you're not around for long enough
That hole that was your person will be filled.
And you'll be dead.
And if you're dead
That's it.
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
And I admit it
Once, I believed you.
You said you cared about me.
You said you wouldn't ever hate me.
And I admit it,
it was convincing.
Once, I believed you.
You brought me gifts.
You taught me what you thought I needed to know.
And I admit it,
it was convincing.
Once, I believed you.
You told me you would never abandon me.
You told me I could always trust you.
And I admit it,
it was convincing.
Never, will I believe you again.
You betrayed me over and over.
You lied again and again.
And I admit it,
it won't hurt me again.
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
Masks and Lies
I thought
it was gone, that
But apparently 
you proved me
Was it ever
really, truly, fully
Or was it
always just sitting
Hiding my face
my emotions, my eyes, my
How long was
that fake thing just hiding
Don't lie
anymore, not again,
I hate
everything about that
Maybe only
my hands told the
This entire
time, when you've only
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 0 0
That boy
That boy is going to hurt someone, someday.
He's going to break someone's heart.
That sweet,
innocent boy,
he's going to do it.
On accident, yes,
but the result is always the same.
That boy is heading down the wrong path.
He's heading for the wrong reasons.
That kind,
gentle boy,
he's heading there.
On accident, yes,
but the result is always the same.
That boy is speaking for the wrong things.
He's speaking from his mind, not his heart.
That smart,
welcome boy,
he's speaking it.
On accident, yes,
but the result is always the same.
That boy is separating people on a regular basis.
He's separating them for his sake.
That good,
hilarious boy,
he's separating them.
On accident, yes,
but the result always is the same.
That boy is tearing me to shreds.
He's tearing me to pieces blindly.
That weird,
crazy boy,
he's tearing me apart.
On accident, yes,
but the result is never the same.
:iconglo-stikz:Glo-stikz 1 0


Forgive This Grief (Miscarriage)
My arms are weighted with her space,
a heaviness that won't compare--
her toes, her smile, her tiny face,
and the imagined white-blonde hair;
forgive this mother's grief for stolen dreams
and let alone these tears that stream.
Forgive this mother's grief,
forgive this mother's grief,
remember things aren't always what they seem.
I know it's wrong to yearn for them,
but those moments when you despair
would give to me what was unsent--
a life of burdens I wish I could wear.
Forgive this jealous heart that wants to share
the grumpy shouts, the unmade beds you bear.
Forgive this jealous heart,
forgive this jealous heart,
remember it's 'bout her, my sweet butterfly of air.
This heart still aches for my baby's weight,
and the screaming absence of her cry
opens anew an unhealed space
where all that lives is the question-- "why?"
Let this heart heal as we grow old
and if an outburst leaves you cold,
let this heart heal.
Let this heart heal,
butterfly babies are heavy to hold.
:iconcamelopardalisinblue:camelopardalisinblue 197 67
Ultimate OC meme Blank by griffsnuff Ultimate OC meme Blank :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 4,224 434 Wolf icon base by BronzeHalo Wolf icon base :iconbronzehalo:BronzeHalo 3,594 1,067 Hand User Guide by berkcanaksoy Hand User Guide :iconberkcanaksoy:berkcanaksoy 1,071 154 Self by milyKnight Self :iconmilyknight:milyKnight 2,286 362 Starfish 1 by kaons Starfish 1 :iconkaons:kaons 625 90
A Boy
Tell me father, Tell me loud,
What to do, to make you proud?
"Never scream, Never deny,
It's wisdom to be shy
Never scream and Never fight,
Walk away, as a blind."
How father to be shy
when I see a human cry?
"Listen boy, they're lying,
It's a show all this crying."
How father to be shy
when I see the people die?
"Listen boy to the rules!
Great words, only for fools!"
Tell me father, Tell me loud,
What to do, to make you proud?
"We have enemies, my child,
They hate our kind
You must fight, You must kill!
Show no mercy, it's a skill!"
Why father? Why dad?
Boys like me are so bad?
"Listen boy to the rules!
Great words, only for fools!"
Why father? Why dad?
Boys like me are so bad?
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 542 205
I want to kiss every aching wound you have,
bandage your heart every time it bleeds,
and patch up your mind over and over
because not a single tear deserves to fall
from your brandy-drenched eyes;
This dripping heart of mine can only feel,
and the healing honey words it flames get caught
in the back of my throat and on the roof of my mouth,
so I only have these passionate guttural cries
to tell you that I care all too much.
In order to fix you up again,
I would need to tear myself to tatters
and trade all of my working parts
for your leftover, fading pieces
but I just haven’t figured out how.
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 232 75
Sugar rush! by scarlet-moon1 Sugar rush! :iconscarlet-moon1:scarlet-moon1 2,084 180
How to Win Friends and Influence Deviantart Part 1
*Title stolen from a well-known and favourite book of mine
Part 1: Submitting with POWER
I know there are a million "how to be popular" guides on DA and a million more parody versions of them. This article isn't about becoming popular, or starting drama or racking up pageviews as fast as possible for the sake of seeing a larger number.
This article won't make your art better, or make you more a more popular personality. However, what I've noticed is that many artists are missing out on feedback and exposure that they should be getting if not for a few common mistakes. Time after time, I've read on Artist's Confessions, or just browsing through members' personal journals that their gallery doesn't recieve any traffic and they can't improve because they're not getting any feedback. They feel like their lack of popularity is a personal statement. That their art isn't worth looking at. This is entirely untrue.
Hopefully this will help you, the underexposed artist, to b
:iconrobynrose:RobynRose 959 318
Six Second Poem
"We're all the same," she said. "Friend, tell me," she asked, "how are we different?"
For six seconds I paused, then I said:
Some of us ..
love more than we hate,
laugh more than we cry,
work harder than we play, but
live before we die.
Some of us don't.
And that, my friend, is how we are all different.
:iconxblackwater:xblackwater 253 52
Spiderchap by ancalinar Spiderchap :iconancalinar:ancalinar 1,537 138 Digital Painting for Beginners by RobynRose Digital Painting for Beginners :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 1,196 56
How to love a girl who can't love herself.
    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.
    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.
     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 4,695 1,316
The Key That Changed The World

Deeply regret to advise you Titanic sank this morning, the fifteenth, after a collision with an iceberg resulting in serious loss of life. Further particulars later.

Bruce Ismay

At 2:20 AM Atlantic Standard Time on the morning of April 15, 1912, the largest and most luxurious man-made object that had ever been moved, the Royal Mail Steamer (RMS) Titanic, disappeared beneath the calm waters of the North Atlantic about 370 miles or 600 kilometers south-southeast of the coast of Newfoundland, leaving behind her the majority of 2,208 living, breathing human beings— people with families, dreams, hopes, ambitions, and plans— struggling to stay afloat in the frigid ocean water. Among them were the world's richest and most famous and influential individ
:iconlettersinred:LettersInRed 79 55
Safety Instructions
“Warning, weak and fragile!”
you labelled me,
because I broke.
“Replace when damaged!”
is your brand of trouble shooting.
You never read half the manual
before (ab)using the product,
otherwise you couldn't have missed this:
Important Safety Instructions
Note: Every human is breakable
without proper care and maintenance.
Caution: Too much pressure can cause mental injury.
Caution: Abrasive words might damage god's product.
Warning! Failure to talk things through can cause electric shock to the heart.
Warning! Persistent ignorance kills!
You didn't even read the signs written all over my face:
Caution, valuable, handle with care!
:iconstory-of-a-mind:Story-of-a-Mind 17 17


Hey all~

I've been noticing how much I've progressed as an artist, and I've decided to switch accounts. I need a fresh start without having to look at the old stuff in my gallery, and I'd rather not go through and clean it all out.
I'm moving to WelcomeToMyMadhouse
Feel free to follow me there!

If I owe you something here, don't worry, I'll still pay you back as soon as I can c:


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| Glo-stikz | Female | Straight | Single |

I'm from the United States, and live in a small city in a two-story house. I have two kitties and an old dog, and two brothers (one older, one younger). Height-wise, I'm in the middle of my family, my mom and little brother shorter and my dad and older brother taller. I can extremely mature and am often taken for a girl much older, but if I know you you'd be likely to think I'm lying when I say that c:

I dance anywhere between 15-20 hours a week, doing nine types of dance. (ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, musical theatre, hip hop, lyrical, modern, and contemporary)
I also write and draw a bit (although I share little of my writing here and I am so not that good at drawing xD)

I don't bite, so feel free to talk with me :3


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